Punto D’oro.は、創業より60年以上ニットに特化し、ニット素材・製品の企画開発を行なってきた会社が立ち上げたブランド。
海外展示会を中心に、2013 Autumn/Winter Collectionより<Paris sur Mode>でデビュー。

Punto D’oro. is a brand launched by a company that specializes in knits and has been planning and developing knit materials and products for over 60 years since its establishment. Debuted at <Paris sur Mode> from 2013 Autumn/Winter Collection, mainly at overseas exhibitions.
We propose knits that are comfortable to wear, relaxed, and gorgeous, taking advantage of the characteristics of carefully selected high-quality materials.




女性らしく、日々の季節やそれぞれのシーンを、Punto D’oro.と共に過ごしてほしい。


Punto D’oro.のニットと一緒なら、


Keep your faves with you anywhere, all the time.
A familiar staple of your everyday life.
The start of a wonderful day.

Stunning, but without being too formal or showy.
The luxury materials give it a special texture.

Feminine and perfectly suited to any season or scene, spend your days with Punto D’oro.
Peace and warmth overwhelm you when you put it on, bringing a smile to your face and allowing you to relax.
Feel the comfort and richness that comes with high quality.
When you’re wearing your Punto D’oro. knit, even an ordinary day feels memorable.
We offer you such a satisfying and special time.


白砂の海岸沿いにあるホテルでバカンスを過ごす、心休まる時をイメージして、泳いだ後にもさっと羽織れる肌離れの良い軽いアイテムや、海風を通す涼しげなシアーニットを揃えました。ビーチチェアで読書をしたり、肌寒い夜でも快適に過ごせるように。Punto D’oro.のニットと一緒なら、より心満たされる時を過ごせるでしょう。
This season, we imagined relaxing times at a hotel on the white sand beach. We present a light item that you can easily put on after a dip in the ocean, and a cool sheer knit that lets the sea breeze pass. Time flies by in utmost comfort, as you lie down on a bench to read and watch the night sky fall. In our sweater, you’ll find beauty and satisfaction in every moment.

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