安心安全を感じて頂けるように、トレーサブルに進化した定番のラグジュアリー フェレットヘアー ®、理想のシルエットを求めてパターンからこだわったパンツ、、、今の時代だからこそ見て頂きたい、袖を通して頂きたい、そんなメッセージが込められたコレクションです。
Knitwear is the most sustainable of all clothing because it can be unknitted and returned to the yarn to re-use.
In order not to waste precious yarn, we do full fashioning, which is a method of knitting along to the shape.
Also, Cashemere cardigan, which expresses Italian History and professions, has the knitted buttonholes
so there is no need to cut and damage the materials.
Knitwear can be repaired if it is slight damage.
In order for you to wear Punto D’oro. items as long as possible, please let us do our best to repair.
Basic luxury Ferret Hair that focused on traceability so that you feel safe and secured, pants that we pursed the ideal silhouette from the pattern-making, we would like you to see them with your eyes and try them to feel with your touch.
That is especially why we all are living in this harsh and complicated era.
This collection includes such our wish.

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